The White Plains Historical Society

Annual Dinner 2013

May 9, 2013 - White Plains, NY.

The 24th Annual Dinner Event was held on May 9th at the White Plains Woman's Club (a National Historic Site), the third year running at this location. President Rob Hoch presided.

An honor guard of war re-enactors led by Trustee Denis Jones presented Old Glory. Trustee George Jones led the Pledge of Allegiance. Pianist Suzanne Hoch accompanied Milagros Lecuona in the singing of our National Anthem. The invocation was given by John Vorperian.

Nominating Committee Chairman Lou DeGenaro proclaimed the Nominating Committee's report. Presented for three year terms on the Board of Trustees were Alan Hartman, Milagros Lecuona, Miriam Varian and John Vorperian. Presented for one year terms as officers were President Rob Hoch, First Vice President John Vorperian, and Second Vice President Lou DeGenaro. All were elected without opposition.

In attendance were State Assemblyman David Buchwald, State Senator George Latimer, Westchester County Legislator Bill Ryan, Mayor Tom Roach, and Common Council Members Ben Boykin, Milagros Lecuona, Dennis Krolian, Beth Smayda, John Martin and John Kirkpatrick, Society Members and guests.

The Citizen Extraordinaire Award was conferred upon Bob Roston. Mayor Tom Roach made the award presentation. Certificates from the City of White Plains, the Westchester County Legislature, New York State Assembly and Senate were duly conferred.

Many previous awardees and former government officials were also present.

The guest speaker was author Thomas J. Crauchwell, who spoke on "Thomas Jefferson's Creme Brulee: How a founding father and James Hemmings Introduced French Cuisine to America". The talk was short, informative and enjoyable.

Catering was provided by Caperberry. Table centerpieces were provided by Amodio's Garden Center, Nursery and Flowershop.

Led by Trustee Denis Jones

Presenting Colors

Led by Trustee George Jones

National Anthem
Milagros Lecuona and Suzanne Hoch

History of the Ridgeway Theater
Trustee Howard Waldman


Mayor Roach

Bob Roston
Citizen Extraordinaire with presentation from Mayor Tom Roach

NY State Senator George Latimer

NY State Assemblyman David Buchwald

Westchester County Legislator Bill Ryan

Bob Roston
Citizen Extraordinaire

Author Thomas J. Craughwell
Topic: Jefferson's Creme Brulee


Photographs by Rob Hoch and Lou DeGenaro